"Heartiest Welcome to NAAC Peer Team at Jamshedpur Workers' College on 15 & 16 December, 2016 for 2nd Cycle Accreditation."

Curricular Activities

  1. There are several Departmental Councils, Societies in the College which seeks to promote corporate life among the students and provide them opportunities for growth and self expression. The councils and societies function under the supervision of the Heads of the Departments concerned or teachers in charge.

  2. Teaching departments have their own academic societies and seminars to fosters the academic and cultural interest of students by organising debates, seminars, symposia, talks, group discussions etc. from time to time.

  3. GAME & SPORTS : The College provides facilities for playing cricket, Badminton, Football, Athletics, Carrom and Gymnastics for the upliftment of the of the students in every field. The students who want to take part in these game have to contact the Physical Training Instructor (depending on the availability of funds).

  4. NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME (NSS) : The college has been implementing National Service Scheme (NSS) as in - force at the University of Ranchi, The students who want to join this scheme should contact Teachers-in-charge.

  5. STUDY TOUR : Study tour is organised from time to time, as per the rules depending on the availability of funds from the University.

  6. N.C.C. in process to start.


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